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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our New Home! Pending!

Hi Y'all,  For some time now we have been looking for our perfect place to move, I sold my house a few years ago, then I met Rusty.  He has moved into the apartment, and so what was perfect for me has become very crowded!

We began looking at homes a year ago, but just could not find what we wanted.  A place not in a subdivision, not a townhouse, a place in the country! Not wanting to go deep in debt we are on a budget so finding what we wanted in our price range has been difficult.

We finally found a place that we both fell in love with: We had several appointments on Friday to look at homes and the second one we looked at, fell in Love-we made an offer and they accepted the next day.

Mr. R has been working in New Mexico, he drives a big rig, so I have been crazy busy trying to get the home inspection done, and get copies of all the things we need to send to the mortgage company to finish up the loan process.

I would post a picture, but I am having a hard time uploading pictures, so I apparently need professional help!  lol

Hugs, Lynn

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Little of This and That

Hi, I am so sorry I am just now posting again, between working a full time job as an Accountant during the day, and running my business on Etsy at night, time is something I don't ever seem to have enough of!

Saturday I took a day for cleaning and decorating, boy, did my apartment need some organizing!  I finally put out the beautiful antique lamp that my best friend Faye got me for my Birthday, Last Month!!  lol

I also put the little saucer and cup she got me beside it.

I just love this piece, I have not looked it up yet to see how old it is, but she really knows what I like, The little cup and saucer is just precious!

I am still working on this, I really need to shabby up Sadie's box that her food sits on!  Kinda a photo bomb.
i just got in this blush pink burlap valance, this is in the kitchen
I am taking pictures of the kitchen this weekend and will post them, I follow Penny's Vintage Home, if you have not visited her blog please do,  she is such an inspiration to me and she has awesome decorating ideas. 

Please come back and visit soon,   Hugs, Lynn

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Master Bedroom Make Over in Progress

This is a new blog, so bear with me as I change everything in my Home to Romantic Cottage, or least as I see it.  I am new to decorating this way, but I am in love with White and Pink.  Even Mr. R is getting on board, he gave me the sweetest compliment the other day, He said if you make this any cozier, I will never want to go to work!  How sweet is that----just love that man!  Now, on the changes I have made in the bedroom, 
Found at Salvation Army for 3.00

Cleaned up and painted the frame white, love how it turned out
I am starting to put pieces together, I have some
rose garland's ordered to add to this 

the lamp is too tall!  Looking for shorter, still have to paint the
bed and the piece to right of Mr. R's bedside table 

added some flowers, picture and a big heart to
the other side of room

Covered a chair with some linens, added pillows I had and
just saw my beautiful Sadie photo bombed my pic-lol

I would love your idea's on what to add to really make this room soft and romantic, As I paint and add items I will keep you
updated--- thanks so much for dropping by---Hugs


Friday, August 12, 2016

Romantic Cottage Couch and Chair

 I finally got all the king chenille bedspreads I ordered!  I covered the couch with these and
                                                     used the shams to cover the back pillows

I ordered the pillows from Target they have a Shabby Chic Section, and
I was so excited to see these ---

This Is Mr 'R"s chair, The throw matches the pillow on the couch

I really love the way it turned out, I could have sewn these, and maybe later I will, but my Etsy shop
has been busy and this is so quick.  Heading outside to paint the chairs!  Wish me luck---Hugs,

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just Odds and Ends

After much hunting online for a store that sold the vinyl and fabric spray I was looking for, I finally found it at Autozone. I always call first to make sure they have it stock, I don't like just roaming from store to store hoping they have what I need.  This saves time and money! This spray paint is made to go on the soft vinyl you find in a car.  Mr. R is on the road until Monday afternoon ( he drives a 18-wheeler),  so I will be painting this weekend!

I will of course miss him, but, I can really get a lot done when he is on the road! I love to surprise him when he gets home with something new.  At first he was not on board with whites and pinks, but after the bathroom was mostly done, he really liked it.  So, he doesn't fuss as much, lol----

I found this beautiful cake plate at an Antique shop, such beautiful etching.  I paid $20.00 for it, which I thought was
a great price

This is all I have to show for today, I hope you will come back and visit soon, Monday I will have pictures of the Master Bedroom I hope to finish, and my painted vinyl chairs.

Have a wonderful weekend,    Hugs, Lynn

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creating A Cozy Front Porch

I worked on the front porch last evening, wasn't able to stay out long!  My temp gauge read 101 on the porch in the shade!  I live in Shreveport, La., and the humidity here is terrible and that makes it so much worse.  On the news last night the heat index was 110, and it will be the same today. I got these chairs from work---Free---so you can't beat that.  I really wanted white wicker, but the wicker is out of sight on the price, even on sale.
I think these are from the 70's!  But they are very comfy
Not very Romantic, but just wait!
The is a wrought iron piece I found years ago at an antique shop
in Monroe, La. I lite the candles for just a
little while, this will be so nice when its cooler!
I have done some research on painting these vinyl chairs, and I found a blog where she spray painted
her vinyl chair with a paint called True Colors that she purchased at a parts store, the paint is made to paint vinyl seats in cars.   So at lunch I'm off to the parts store.  Such hope I can find in white, or pink.  I can't wait to get these painted and show you the result.

I am looking for a smaller table to replace the round metal table you see in the picture.  I will move the metal table to the little backyard I have.  An Umbrella I ordered should be in soon!  I don't spend as much time in the back as I would like too, because there is no shade.

Hopefully, I will finish the front porch this weekend, and have pictures for you on Monday.  Have a wonderful rest of the week,  


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Love Flowers!

Just a short post to show you my flower bed I planted this spring.  I love container gardening and I am always looking for new (old) pots.  My best friend Faye, has a green house and she shared so many wonderful plants with me.  We both like the old-fashioned goodies.
The tall plants are called spider lilies.  These have become one of my favorites

I love getting up a little early and having my coffee
on the front porch before heading off to work.  Caught
a bee enjoying her breakfast--
 thank you for visiting, Hugs