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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creating A Cozy Front Porch

I worked on the front porch last evening, wasn't able to stay out long!  My temp gauge read 101 on the porch in the shade!  I live in Shreveport, La., and the humidity here is terrible and that makes it so much worse.  On the news last night the heat index was 110, and it will be the same today. I got these chairs from work---Free---so you can't beat that.  I really wanted white wicker, but the wicker is out of sight on the price, even on sale.
I think these are from the 70's!  But they are very comfy
Not very Romantic, but just wait!
The is a wrought iron piece I found years ago at an antique shop
in Monroe, La. I lite the candles for just a
little while, this will be so nice when its cooler!
I have done some research on painting these vinyl chairs, and I found a blog where she spray painted
her vinyl chair with a paint called True Colors that she purchased at a parts store, the paint is made to paint vinyl seats in cars.   So at lunch I'm off to the parts store.  Such hope I can find in white, or pink.  I can't wait to get these painted and show you the result.

I am looking for a smaller table to replace the round metal table you see in the picture.  I will move the metal table to the little backyard I have.  An Umbrella I ordered should be in soon!  I don't spend as much time in the back as I would like too, because there is no shade.

Hopefully, I will finish the front porch this weekend, and have pictures for you on Monday.  Have a wonderful rest of the week,  


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