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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just Odds and Ends

After much hunting online for a store that sold the vinyl and fabric spray I was looking for, I finally found it at Autozone. I always call first to make sure they have it stock, I don't like just roaming from store to store hoping they have what I need.  This saves time and money! This spray paint is made to go on the soft vinyl you find in a car.  Mr. R is on the road until Monday afternoon ( he drives a 18-wheeler),  so I will be painting this weekend!

I will of course miss him, but, I can really get a lot done when he is on the road! I love to surprise him when he gets home with something new.  At first he was not on board with whites and pinks, but after the bathroom was mostly done, he really liked it.  So, he doesn't fuss as much, lol----

I found this beautiful cake plate at an Antique shop, such beautiful etching.  I paid $20.00 for it, which I thought was
a great price

This is all I have to show for today, I hope you will come back and visit soon, Monday I will have pictures of the Master Bedroom I hope to finish, and my painted vinyl chairs.

Have a wonderful weekend,    Hugs, Lynn

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