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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Master Bedroom Make Over in Progress

This is a new blog, so bear with me as I change everything in my Home to Romantic Cottage, or least as I see it.  I am new to decorating this way, but I am in love with White and Pink.  Even Mr. R is getting on board, he gave me the sweetest compliment the other day, He said if you make this any cozier, I will never want to go to work!  How sweet is that----just love that man!  Now, on the changes I have made in the bedroom, 
Found at Salvation Army for 3.00

Cleaned up and painted the frame white, love how it turned out
I am starting to put pieces together, I have some
rose garland's ordered to add to this 

the lamp is too tall!  Looking for shorter, still have to paint the
bed and the piece to right of Mr. R's bedside table 

added some flowers, picture and a big heart to
the other side of room

Covered a chair with some linens, added pillows I had and
just saw my beautiful Sadie photo bombed my pic-lol

I would love your idea's on what to add to really make this room soft and romantic, As I paint and add items I will keep you
updated--- thanks so much for dropping by---Hugs



  1. Hi Lynn

    I was reading comments on another blog and seen you so thought I would pop over for a visit.
    You are really coming along with your pink and white theme


    1. Hi Janice! thank you so much for visiting, this is a journey that I am truly enjoying--hugs

  2. Lynn,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment so I know you did!!
    I don't know if you noticed that I have the same picture and also painted it what like you did. (your first picture). It is showcased in Part 2 of my Sitting Room Reveal.
    Have great week!

  3. Hi Sweetie! I saw that! I thought we have the same picture, and I just love them both!!! have a wonderful day! Lynn

  4. Nice decor! Happy Monday and ahve a lovely week ♥