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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Little of This and That

Hi, I am so sorry I am just now posting again, between working a full time job as an Accountant during the day, and running my business on Etsy at night, time is something I don't ever seem to have enough of!

Saturday I took a day for cleaning and decorating, boy, did my apartment need some organizing!  I finally put out the beautiful antique lamp that my best friend Faye got me for my Birthday, Last Month!!  lol

I also put the little saucer and cup she got me beside it.

I just love this piece, I have not looked it up yet to see how old it is, but she really knows what I like, The little cup and saucer is just precious!

I am still working on this, I really need to shabby up Sadie's box that her food sits on!  Kinda a photo bomb.
i just got in this blush pink burlap valance, this is in the kitchen
I am taking pictures of the kitchen this weekend and will post them, I follow Penny's Vintage Home, if you have not visited her blog please do,  she is such an inspiration to me and she has awesome decorating ideas. 

Please come back and visit soon,   Hugs, Lynn

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